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Developing characters for E-nordisk

torsdag, august 18th, 2011

One of the problems learners of Scandinavian languages from the Baltic countries are facing is that learning materials are targeted at immigrants from other countries than the Baltic states who Baltic learners find difficult to relate to. Therefore, one focus of E-nordisk was on developing characters that learners would find easier to identify themselves with. Sometimes a little funny and wild, Andrej, Kristi, Marius, Tatjana and Vilis all come from the Baltic states and are trying to find their way into Norwegian and Danish society. This work has been true team work with every single partner contributing to either their description or art work.

Meet some of them:

Vilis, the wild one from Latvia

Andrej, the skilled family father from Lithuania:

Kristi, the adventerous one from Estonia:

Inga Mölder, OÜ Estnorlink