Meeting for the first time: Work and, naturally, coffee on the peninsula of Norway, September 2009

Photo: Øyvind Rangøy

The first meeting of the project takes place on the slightly remote isle of Rangøy, not far from Kristiansund. The breathtaking views mix with first ideas of the project shape, target group requirements and how to determine them. Lots of coffee drunk, no less than three coffee breaks plus excellent meals prepared by our attentive hosts.

There will be loads of coffee energy needed, both here and later after the initial meeting. Getting a cold is unthinkable albeit the chilly wind outside. Getting to know each other and the detailed shape of the project is what’s taking place inside. E-learning platform chosen, budget envisioned roughly and eventual dates for future meetings decided. Fresh smell of coffee downstairs, a green bud of new free (e-)learning platform grown, and partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Iceland and Norway are off home after a three days’ vibrant action.

Janis Ostašs, SIA Nordisk, Latvia

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