A few thoughts after seminar in Kaunas, October 2010

Photo: Imants Ostašs

Two weeks have gone since I got the call from Sintija at Nordisk, and I have just returned from my first encounter with the E-nordisk Project in Kaunas. The 2-day workshop served me as an opportunity to get acquainted with the people involved in the project, more intimately with the project itself and where it is going. The time spent exploring the work environment was especially useful since it requires certain abilities to get busy with the production. It became clear to me that the concentration and management of work power, structural consolidation and the acquisition of know-how that is specific to online language-teaching will present our team with certain challenges that we will have to face in the coming months, which means valuable experience to everybody involved!

Imants Ostašs, SIA Nordisk, Latvia


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