Team work

These days, everybody loves international projects. There is something special about being part of an international project team, getting to know competent people working in the same field as you from other countries, and learning from them. However, what one often forgets is that being part of a project that aims to produce an actual solution for some problem or other also means hard work. I have been very impressed by our partners in E-nordisk who have been contributing their time and effort to this ambitious project that we set out to achieve two years ago.

My impression is that in many international projects, project work is carried out in “chunks” that are developed by project partners in their respective countries between project seminars and later glued together to one project result. In this respect, E-nordisk has been somewhat of an exception. Although a lot of content development of our e-learning programme was carried out by SIA Nordisk in Latvia, it was the Internet that was the actual working place for our partners from 6 different countries. And partners were contributing to the project continuously through this medium, developing content, evaluating and offering feedback on what had already been produced. Achieving this level of team work with only a few actual project seminars and by mostly meeting online via Skype has been a challenge for all of us. Yet, I am glad to say that it has worked, and we are on our way of completing the first step of an e-learning programme that we hope to continue developing after completion of the project. Access to the programme can be found at the project website. The programme is free of charge for learners, and the experience we have gained through this cooperation is priceless.

Inga Mölder, OÜ Estnorlink

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