Welcome to the blog site of E-nordisk.

There has been a lot of interest in the Nordic languages in the Baltic countries and this interest has increased in the years of economic depression. However, many learners are hindered in their study of languages by the lack of opportunities because of their job or the place they live. In addition, many language learning materials have not been designed for people coming from the former Eastern Block and do not, therefore, take account of their specific background.
E-nordisk is a project hoping to support such learners and to rectify the situation. The aim of the project is to create an e-learning platform for learners of Danish and Norwegian from the Baltic countries with a focus on European language achievement levels A1 and A2. The platform will be based on the e-learning environment Moodle and will be accessible to everyone free of charge.
The project runs for 2 years and its completion date is 1 September 2011. The project is funded by Nordplus Adult.

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